Sic Bo

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Sic Bo

What is Sic Bo?

  • Sic Bo is a game of chance played using three dice.
  • It also has a table with many different betting options indicated by certain symbols. 
  • The players need to predict which symbol or symbols would correspond to the final total indicated by the three dice. 
  • You win if the symbol you placed your bet on matches the final result of the throw.


How to Play?

  • The game begins when you place your bet using chips on the symbol or symbols of your choice on the table.
  • Once all players on a table have placed their bets, the dealer calls no more bets and gives the dice box a gentle shake.
  • You win a payout if the total score of the three dice is as per your initial bets.


Rules to Know

  • To play a game of Sic Bo, you need to place your bets on the symbols on the table. You can also place multiple bets at once before the three dice are rolled. 
  • There are several betting options in a game of Sic Bo. These include Small and Big, 

Small and Big is one of the popular Sic Bo bets. For this, you place your bet on either small or big. Small is any total ranging from 4 to 10 and Big is any total ranging from 11 to 17.
In Small and Big, both options lose if all three dice are showing the same number, this is known as a triple. The payout on winning is even money or 1x the betting amount.

Double is a bet placed on the prediction that any two of the three dice will have the same number. For this, you have to place your bets on any one pair or multiple pairs of numbers. The options range from Double One to Double Six. The payout on winning is 8x the initial bet amount. 

Triple is a bet placed on the prediction that all three dice will have the same number as its result. You can either bet on Any of the Triples or on each individual triple such as a Triple One or a Triple Five. This bet is also called The House.
The payout on winning an Any of the Triples bet is 24x the initial betting amount while the payout on winning by rightly predicting individual triples is 150x the initial betting amount.

The combination is a medium-risk bet placed on the prediction that two specific numbers will appear as a result of the throw. The payout on winning a combination bet is 5x the betting amount.

Single is a bet that one specific number will show up on the dice as a result of the throw. The payout also depends on how many times the chosen number appears. 
If the chosen number for a Single bet appears once, the payout is even money. If the chosen number appears twice, the payout is 2x the bet amount. And, if the chosen number appears thrice, the payout is 3x the initial bet amount.

  • You may also bet on the total sum of the throw ranging from 4 to 17. Upon winning, a payout varying from 6x to 50x of the bet amount is given. The odds for this depend on the chosen total and are usually written on the table. 
  • While numbers at the two ends, such as 17 and 4 have a 50x payout, numbers such as 12 which lie towards the middle have a 6x payout.
  • You can decrease risk and have a greater chance of winning by placing multiple bets on different sections of the Sic Bo table.

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