A Luxury Holiday Villa by the River in Goa

The lucent sun rising in the east, the adjacent marina by the river, the azure panorama a-top rich palm groves and the red evening sun spilling over the horizon. There are villas, and there is - Villa Marina by Deltin.

Villa Marina, comfortably nestled in the village of Nerul, showcases Deltin’s gilded grandeur in the most formidable fashion, defining luxury with every twirl. Kissed by the warm waters of Nerul on one side and the eclectic bottle-green hillocks on the other, Villa Marina is - breathtaking.

In its intimate, idyllic environ by the river, this expression of Orient & Contemporary architecture offers all kinds of sensory delights. Lounge-y, sleekly lined and bathed in light. Marina prides on its tranquil greenery, abounding in tropical flora. A sight that will invite exploration.

In all of it’s inherited isolation it’s hard to imagine that this gem is only a 5 minute drive from Goa’s vibrant party capital. We believe that our villa will imbue new life and vitality into all of our guests.

You will fall in love..


Expansive lawns


Luxury Villa's elegant rooms




Delectable Dinning