Goa Cruise Casino

Private Gaming

Deltin Caravela’s spectacular gaming suites promise to engulf you in an exclusive gaming experience with world-class service. Indulge in an opulent game play at the behest of lady luck. Venture into the mystic world of chance with an array of 10+ games and dare to defy the laws of probability. Wanna bet?


These luxurious Suites are fashioned in shades of amber, mahogany and gold to reflect the grandeur of your stay. Unwind to the view of the River Mandovi with it’s cool water, lush greenery and pleasant breeze. With a Casino next door, world class amenities and facilities and superior service at your call - your stay at our Flotel couldn't be more grand.


Our spacious Mansion Suites include a private casino setting exclusively within its confines with splendour at every stance and service at your fingertips. Game and play to your hearts will and within the comforts of your own space in a setting best reflecting style. Private dining, breathtaking views of the surrounding river and other exclusive features complete the experience in these double storeyed Suites.


Our accommodation offers a royal experience in line with our overall theme. Our Butler Service promises you the best of hospitality and service whenever needed while you pamper yourself with luxurious indulgence. Class and royalty combine to offer a contemporary setting with elevated comfort and richness as would be expected from India’s first Flotel.