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Deltin Caravela has been designed to offer you the gaming experience of a lifetime. The 32 gaming tables, over 200 gaming positions and 10+ games offer plenty of action and an adrenaline thrill for both the risk taker and the prudent player. This along with the plush setting, the right vibes and the charms of Lady Luck provides the perfect setting for your next big win!

Casino Poker Games

Texas Hold'em Poker

The game begins with each player being dealt two cards, face down. The dealer then places five community cards - the flop (a series of three cards), and the turn and river (two additional single cards). Players can check, bet or fold after each deal.

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American Roulette

Play American Roulette in the irony of an Indian Casino Setting. This game begins with the dealer spinning the ball while you must guess the segment that the ball will end up in. You can place your bets until the ball slows down & the dealer announces “no more bets”. The winning number & color is the slot where the ball eventually falls into.

Poker Tournament

Indian Flush (Teen Patti)

No casino in India can be a success without this famed game. To begin you must place a minimum stake in the pot. Every player is dealt three cards & you must then bet on who has the best three card hand. The game ends when everyone but one player has folded, or when all but two players have folded & one of them pays for a show .

Poker Games


Bets & Casinos go hand in hand. In this game you may bet that either the banker’s side or the player’s side will achieve a ‘point total’ of his or her hand closest to 9. A bet is placed either on ‘player’, ‘banker’ or ‘tie’. The hand with the highest ‘point total’ wins the game.

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An American casino classic brought to India. Here you aim to have cards totaling to 21 or close without going over. The players place their bets & receive two cards. The players must get a card total higher than the dealer’s hand without going over 21. The dealer may lose to some players yet beat the others in the same round.

Deltin Jaqk Goa

3-Card Draw Poker

Play the American version of Brag in an Indian Casino. The game begins with each player including the dealer being given three cards face down. You can see your cards & accordingly fold or bet. Those who fold forfeit their ante wager. The ones who raise must make an additional play bet. Whoever has the higher hand wins. The popularity of the game has led us to regularly host Poker Tournaments.

Deltin Jaqk Goa

5-Card Poker

This Casino game is played with a 52-card deck. To play you must place an ante bet with the option of playing for a jackpot bonus. Each player receives five cards face down while the dealer gets five cards with one facing up. Players may fold or raise after seeing their hand. The one with the higher hand wins.

Poker Tournaments

Mini Flush

The Indian edition of the 3-Card Poker aims at beating the dealer’s hand. The dealer & the players receive three cards each face down. The players may choose to examine their cards based on which they either fight against the dealer’s card or forfeit. The hand higher than the dealer’s hand wins.

Casino Poker Games

Casino War

This game is similar to War and is played by flipping cards. The game begins with the players placing their bets. The dealer then turns over two cards for themselves & for each player. If the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s, the player wins. If the two cards tie the player may either surrender or start another Casino War.

Casino Poker Games


This game of single card Poker begins with the players selecting and betting on a card. This continues until all players place a maximum bet after which the operator deals the cards. If any of the player’s selected cards are dealt then he wins the hand. The use of 3 boosters help the players chance of winning. This game can be played with 2 to 5 players.