Goa Cruise Casino


Our Flotel aims to redefine the benchmarks of luxury by offering our guests customised facilities meant to elevate their comforts. We offer quality facilities in par with starred resorts across the globe in order to serve you only the best. This along with our superior services promises a hassle free experience.


The ultimate relaxation therapy awaits you at our Spa Treatment crafted to rejuvenate your body and mind. Our exceptional masseurs will offer you a wide range of Massage and Aromatherapy services. Escape into tranquillity at this perfect setting with the soothing music and revitalising fragrances.


Our on-deck Jacuzzi allows you to lounge in ultimate luxury with a 360 view of the surrounding Mandovi River. Unwind to the sounds of the waves as you watch the sun set into the river with a refreshing drink in hand and additional service when you need it. The surrounding seatings and decks offer alternative hang out spots.


Dine within the comforts of your Suite with our in-room dining facilities. Our world class Chefs are adept in preparing multiple dishes in accordance with your palate while the bar promises to offer you the right drinks to set the mood. Indulge in a fine meal along with the service and facilities of a starred restaurant all within your very own private space.

Business Centre

On a break vacationing in Goa? But, you still want to catch up on your work just a bit? Fret not! Simply head to our Business Centre for a quick re-sync with your work so that you can enjoy your vacation without any worries.


Skylight is Deltin Caravela’s upscale restaurant that has been especially crafted to offer you an intimate setting alongside an amazing private dining experience. It is located on the sundeck and offers mesmerizing views of the surrounding horizons.


Reading is to the mind as food is to the body. Looking for a source of inspiration or enlightenment or you just want to embark on a journey exploring tales concocted by popular authors? Choose from a collection of select books from our library onboard.